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Web Application Development: Application Tailored For Your Online Business:

We are experts in developing line-of-business (LOB) applications focusing to the business and target customer following full Software Development Life Cycle with proven methodologies. SKG Infosolutions offers web application development services that help you to meet your business requirements and establish as a strong competitor in your business domain. We request you to share your idea, preference, reference, or competitors and leave it up to us. We will emulate your ideas into a beautiful reality and will add wings to your dreams.


We will help you to leverage the power of .NET technology. Microsoft ASP.NET is one of the best web development frameworks. We help organizations in building business applications using our efficient project management processes and transparent work methodologies.

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If you are looking for a powerful, cost-saving, user-friendly, secure and open source format, PHP is the best way to go. Powering nearly 60% of websites, PHP and MySQL has emerged as the most preferred, robust & widely used server-side programming language, which is the pertinent option for feature-rich website development!

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Technology & Strategy

Process of developing a promising and high quality web application or website requires sound analysis before you actually start working as in design, programming, and testing. Some key factors we make sure our team follows for every project are strategy planning, profound research on the business domain, look at the competitors, and business-related consultation. All through this procedure for web application development services, our custom software development company SKG Infosolutions ensures bug-free and on-scheduled delivery.

As per server side programming, we are experts in two of the most versatile programming languages that are C# & PHP. Our team of experienced developers possesses sound and extensive knowledge in Microsoft technologies such as C#/.Net, VB.Net, ASP.Net MVC, WebForms, ASP.Net WebAPI, etc. implementation.

Our motivated and skilled PHP Web Application Development team is highly experienced in CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Yii2, Laravel, Zend, etc. We do also have expertise in Node.js.

For client-side presentation, we use cutting-edge technologies such as HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS, etc. to provide users with most sleek and user-friendly UI/UX.

Making Applications Profitable For You

SKG Infosolutions offers web application development services in modern and methodical way and we ensure the most important key that is, it doesn’t crash or slows down.

Most affordable solution

Users can browse a SaaS app, web app or a website via any online browser and thus it should be compatible to all the major browsers, be it Safari, IE, Chrome, or Firefox. So, we always make sure every website or web app is cross-browser compatible.

Better integration

We have developed LOB applications for various business domains and have integrated countless third-party APIs like accounting, CRM, ERP, taxation, email, SMS, and so on.

Security standard

Security of a web application is a must have and thus we ensure every web application is reviewed and tested for security vulnerabilities. Our team focuses on best security standards such as validating all data received via HTTP request because not validating data can result in attacks like SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, HTTP Response Splitting, Log Injection, and Directory Traversal; validating the data on the server-side; passing session IDs and cookies via SSL (HTTPS) to prevent hackers from intercepting unprotected session IDs and cookies and use them to compromise the user’s session (session hijacking); and so on.


While developing a web application a developer needs to keep it in mind that the app should be highly scalable so with the growing users, the owner can extend the application and add as many features as he / she wants to. We follow best architecture to ensure scalable development such as Microservices that helps developers to scale up every module independently.

Compatible with different devices

You do not know what device will be used by your customers. So, while you Hire Web App Developer from our company, we will ensure your app is Responsive and compatible to any device, be it mobile, tablets, or PC.

Our skills on all the latest technologies

SKG Infosolutions knows that a web app development process comprises multiple phases, such as best strategy planning, profound research, business-related consultation, programming and detailed testing. All through this procedure for Web Application Development Services, our team communicates with clients. Our apps are always well-structured and business-oriented.

As per server side programming, we are experts in two of the most versatile programming languages that are PHP and C#. SKG is also experienced in VB. Our team of motivated and experienced developers possesses sound and extensive knowledge of C# and VB with ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, etc. For PHP, we use its bleeding-edge MVC Frameworks, such as Yii, Laravel, Zend, CodeIgniter and many more. For server side programming, our skill with Node.JS is also notable. We offer asp.net web development services that deliver scalable and lightweight applications using asp framework.

For client-side presentation, we always use bleeding-edge technologies like HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS2, etc. to provide most sleek and user-friendly UI/UX to the users.

Ensure flawless features & performance

If you are going to hire a dedicated web developer from our company, you will definitely get an assurance that your application will be built following best standards and go through rigorous testing. We promise you to offer a web application with a good interface and better usability and to ensure such quality every web application should pass through different testing steps. The processes are mentioned below in a concise manner:

Functionality Testing:

We test out all the links in web pages, database connection; check validation of the forms that are used for submitting or getting information from the users in web pages, Cookie testing, database testing, HTML/CSS validation, and so on.

Usability Testing:

Our expert Testing team checks Navigation and Content of web pages to ensure easy to use navigation that includes showing correct data / content in a user-friendly way. We strive to secure the main purpose of a website which is showcasing of data should be functional to the users.

Interface Testing:

We check if all the interactions between the application and web servers are executed and errors are handled properly. If database or web server returns any error message for any query by application server then application server should catch and display these error messages appropriately on the page / to the users. Here we check all the possibilities for any requests and responses.

Compatibility Testing:

We ensure cross-browser compatibility, OS compatibility and mobile compatibility for each web application.

Cross Browser Compatibility:

Some applications are very dependent on browsers. The more a website is using JavaScript or AJAX calls for UI functionality, performing security checks or validations, the more browser compatibility testing gets crucial.
Different browsers have different configurations and settings, hence your web page should be compatible with different browsers. Our Testing team tests web applications on different browsers like IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. browsers with different versions.

OS Compatibility:

Some functionality of a website / web application could not be compatible with all Operating Systems. All new technologies used in web development like graphic designs, interface calls like different API’s may not be available in all Operating Systems. Hence, we test every web application on different operating systems like Windows, Unix, MAC, Linux, etc.

Mobile browsing:

Inventions of technology can never be stopped and so with the coming of latest technologies we may find some compatibility issues with mobile or different screen browsing experience. So, while developing a website or web app, our front-end developers makes sure the site is fully Adaptive and Responsive to every screen size.

Performance testing:

We test application performance on different internet connection speed and run Performance testing in two steps- Web Load Testing, and Web Stress Testing.

Web Load Testing:

We make sure a system sustains in peak time when many users are accessing or requesting the same page, when a website is receiving large input data from users, simultaneous connection to DB, etc.

Web Stress Testing:

In general, we give stress on input fields, login and sign up areas to check how it reacts to stress and how it recovers from crashes.

Thus, hire us to get high-quality and secured web application development services. Our web apps are engaging and productive. Besides, we are also a creative web design company with a large team of experienced UI / UX designers and front-end developers who have eyes to user-friendly yet sleek design.

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Mycity social is an online marketing site mainly involve in e-mail marketing, sms marketing and social media marketing. Mycity social is for those people who are not always able to afford the cost but needed marketing the most.
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Kliqprint provides all type of printing like flyers, banners, banners, brochures and many more, in very affordable price.
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Some of our amazing clients
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Nicholas Christo
CEO, Mycity Social
Amazing work in less time
It was a pleasure working with SKG and the team. Working with SKG was beneficial for us. They grasped the requirement more quickly. They worked excellent for my city-social. I am amazed with their service and communication. They were always online and ready to give support whenever I required. I would hire them again! Highly recommended!
Worked by talented developers
Their designing and developing team is outstanding, they worked very professionally. Their way of representation is best. I didn't have a single issue on the process and am completely satisfied as they met the deadline. The team is motivated and loves to do something new. Would hire again!
Paresh Patel
Vice President, Shapco Printing.
Their designers worked excellent
Their team designed a very good website for us. Design team of SKG is punctual and creative,. They didn't ask many questions and designed what we actually were looking for. And they provide quality work all the time. Communication was also good and they are always online. I found someone whenever I required.
Hypemarketing (AUS)
.Net website and Xamarin.Forms mobile app enhancement
Great team effort and expertise with .Net and Xamarin.Forms that helped getting this complex project completed successfully. Would definitely hire again! Thanks SKG